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Welcome to the Tactical Informer Official Website! We are a community for shooters from all walks. Sheepdog, Military, LEO, Competition, it doesn't matter. If you're a shooter, then you're one of us.
News/heads up
NEWS FOR FEBRUARY/MARCH 2014: Business as usual for Feb/Mar brothers and sisters.

We have some great videos coming up when we can punch some holes in our schedules.

We do have some exciting news for the coming months though! We're putting together our first Tactical Informer Community Shoot!

We'll be announcing dates in the coming weeks. It'll be open to any of our followers and it will be a great time. You'll be able to come and hang out with us, do some shooting, go over technique/theory, and eat some good food. Stay tuned for details! We already have 5+ signed up and dates aren't even out! Very exciting!

As usual, we're always open to help people out with weapon choices and video requests.

Stay safe out there.

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